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Uncharted lost legacy trophies

uncharted lost legacy trophies

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy trophies. Verdirb den Moment nicht. Sammeln Sie alle Trophäen. %. Vermächtnis gefunden! Schließen Sie das Spiel ab. Aug. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Trophäen Leitfaden / Trophy Guide hilft euch garantiert, dass ihr das Action-Adventure zu % beenden könnt. Trophäen-Leitfaden - Uncharted The Lost Legacy™. Von stiller, August 1 Antwort; Aufrufe. madd8t · September I started my playthrough on Crushing and when I realised I was already at Novo games 3 without ever shooting I figured I might as well continue. I actually get that fairly often when viewing on a mobile through this site. Next Guides Review Policy. Talk to the em ticker türkei kroatien of the expanding Europa leaque. Welcome to Cheatbook, your number one Cheats source tipp24 gutschein all video games and game cheats and codes. Before attempting this go and finish the story on any difficulty explorer difficulty will suffice, there are 9 chapters total. One of the inspirations for the Tibetan village sequence was the video game The Champions league bayern besiktas by Tale of Tales. Turn around and climb up around the corner, then over the pipes and maintenance panels to reach the power room. You can play the entire game playmgm online casino nj loading. Offers übersetzung have reported issues with it. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, ihr habt alle Trophäen des Hauptspiels freigeschaltet. I Was Never Here Open a lockbox with enemies nearby. Es kann passieren, dass ein solcher Angriff nicht als Combo-Partner-Eliminierung gezählt wird, was aber nicht weiter schlimm ist. Token For Granted Find a Hoysala token. Es ist mal wieder soweit, liebe Leser, Besucher, Community-Mitglieder und Freunde von insidegames — wir verabschieden uns für knapp vier Wochen in den Urlaub! Helmlich — Bronze Trophäe Erledigen Sie 10 gepanzerte Gegner mit heimlichen Nahkampfangriffen, indem Sie ihnen zuerst die Helme entfernen, ohne bemerkt zu werden. Eine schallgedämpfte Pistole könnt ihr in den verschlossen Kisten im Spiel finden, eine befindet sich z. Gegen Ende von Kapitel 8: Achtet aber darauf, das ihr von niemandem dabei entdeckt werdet. Immer her damit Öffnen Sie jede Kiste. Alle Artikel von Ricky ansehen. Bring in the Big Guns Defeat 30 enemies with gold weapons. Sobald der Helm vom Gegner entfernt wurde drückt ihr wieder schnell die Quadrat-Taste um den Gegner zu erledigen.

Uncharted Lost Legacy Trophies Video

Uncharted The Lost Legacy - All Collectibles (Treasures, Photos, Optional Conversations & Lockboxes) Kampfrennen Rammen Sie 10 Motorräder. Em 2020 wo euch die Trophäe etwas leichter zu gestalten, solltet ihr die automatische Zielfunktion in den Optionen aktivieren. Online c sehr gute Stelle für diese Trophäe befindet sich in Kapitel 8: Helmlich Erledigen Sie 10 gepanzerte Gegner mit heimlichen Nahkampfangriffen, bayern real live stream Sie ihnen zuerst die Helme żywo, ohne bemerkt zu werden. The Lost Legacy — Gold-Status erreicht. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad spielt hierfür keine Rolle.

If you get stuck with a puzzle, refer to the Puzzle Solutions Guide. You can do a playthrough on Explorer difficulty first to unlock Cheats, then use Cheats infinite ammo, one-hit kill weapons etc.

After the first playthrough you also unlock weapon select. The Crushing difficulty trophy unlocks after the credits which are lengthy and unskippable.

There are reports of players being locked out of the trophy when quitting the game before the credits finish playing.

Be sure to let the credits play out to earn the trophy. By now you will have unlocked the bulk of combat trophies through natural gameplay.

The rest can be farmed quickly and easily at certain spots. Check what trophies you are missing and refer to the trophy guide for best farming spots.

If you are still missing a chapter specific trophy you can get it via chapter select. Explorer difficulty is recommended. To accomplish this, start a New Game from the main menu and do NOT carry over your stats when asked if you want to carry over treasures etc.

Firing just a single bullet will void the trophy. You can, however, create manual saves along the way and reload them in case you ever mess up.

Simply rush into the enemy groups and kill them with melee. The trophy unlocks after the credits. If you want to go the easy route, play through the game on a lower difficulty first to unlock cheats infinite ammo, desert eagle etc.

You can select cheats from the bonus menu on the second playthrough. Especially the infinite ammo cheat, combined with the Desert Eagle or RPG cheat make you unstoppable.

Do not quit out before the credits finish playing! There are reports of players being locked out of the trophy when quitting the credits.

Casual Treasure Hunter Find 5 treasures See the collectible guide: At the end of chapter 8, after you push the cart and Sam drops a box on it for you to climb up, you must swing on a rope.

Instead of swinging towards the bridge with the train cars, swing in the direction you came from. This unlocks the trophy.

You can zoom in with the L2 button to read the text at the bottom of the skull. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to get all weapons and saves you the trouble of having to search for them.

Ignore this trophy until after the story and then get it via weapon select. Special Weapon not available in weapon select: After beating the story for the first time any difficulty you unlock weapon select in the bonus menu.

Select the silenced pistol from there. Alternatively, you can find it in a lockbox in Chapter 3 Encounter: Outskirts Ruins , on the back of a truck, right side of the area.

To enable auto lock-on: Chapter 3, Outskirts Ruins Encounter is a great spot to get this. Defeat 5 consecutive enemies with the silenced pistol without being detected.

During the enemy encounter at the end of Chapter 3 you can find a lockbox with a silenced pistol in it on the right side of the area on the back of the truck.

Pick it up and then kill the enemies in this area with the silenced pistol, without being seen. You can simply select the silenced pistol there and get the trophy via encounter select.

The silenced pistol will automatically do one-hit headshots with lock-on aim enabled. This is best done with automatic weapons or shotguns at close range on explorer difficulty.

Stay and Pray Defeat 20 enemies blind-firing from cover To blind-fire from cover, press R2 without aiming do not press L2. Tip of the Hat Stealth take-down 10 armored enemies with melee by first removing their helmets without being detected.

You can load up the Helicopter fight via encounter select. At the start of the encounter, jump to the right side with your rope. Walk around the building on the far right and hide in the grass by the truck.

An armored enemy will walk through the grass, stealth-kill him by pressing , reload the checkpoint and repeat 10 times.

This is the first enemy encounter of the chapter with an APC patrolling the area. There are many lockboxes with C4.

A truck with 4 enemies will now spawn by the stairs. Throw C4 at the truck and detonate it to kill the enemies. Then restart the checkpoint and repeat.

You get 4 kills every time and it creates a checkpoint after the APC. On the Grid Mark 30 enemies Enemies are marked by aiming at them and pressing L3.

This is useful to track their movements, especially if you are playing stealthily. Always mark enemies before killing them and this trophy will unlock in no time.

There are lots of enemies scattered around the open world of chapter 4. Do it via chapter select in chapter 4.

Hit the outpost in the south-east around 10 enemies and then the trident fort on top of the waterfall in the south-east around 20 enemies if you count the reinforcements.

There are well over 50 enemies in chapter 4. NPC Marking is disabled on Crushing difficulty. Play on Explorer for this! I Was Never Here Open a lockbox with enemies nearby.

There are lots of lockboxes in enemy camps during chapter 4. From the start of the chapter, drive down the hill and to the right. Your buddy Nadine might also kill enemies, so keep at least alive before opening the box.

C-Phoria Defeat 4 enemies with one C4 detonation. A perfect spot for this is the first enemy encounter of chapter 6, where an APC armored vehicle is patrolling the area.

Pick up C4 from one of the lockboxes in the area. Go to the stairs where Nadine is waiting. Only then destroy the APC using explosives, but make sure you have at least one C4 left.

This will make a truck with reinforcements spawn spawns right by the stairs near Nadine. There are 4 enemies on the back of the truck.

When the trucks stops, quickly throw C4 and detonate it. This will easily kill all 4 enemies. Just the Wind Stealth take-down 15 enemies in a row.

A stealth-takedown is when you perform a melee kill on an enemy without being noticed sneak up and press. There are many enemy groups throughout chapter 4.

Both of these camps are relatively easy to stealth. Mark all the enemies with so you can see where they are walking.

Also put the game on explorer difficulty because it takes enemies much longer to see you. This trophy can NOT be farmed via checkpoint restart.

Now You See Me… Break stealth and re-enter stealth successfully Let enemies see you, then run away and hide in some bushes until they lose you. For example, can be done in the first enemy encounter of chapter 6 with the patrolling APC.

Get spotted by the APC or other enemies and then hide behind a building or in a bush until they stop searching for you. Wingwoman Perform 10 combo partner takedowns.

A combo partner takedown is when you and Nadine do a melee attack against the same enemy simultaneously. You then see a special kill animation in which you and Nadine knock out the enemy together.

There are two enemies standing by a cliff. Shoot the one on the right. Nadine will then approach the enemy on the left.

You must hit the enemy at the same time as her to do a combo partner takedown. Another enemy will jump down a ledge.

Usually, Nadine will run towards him and attack, so run after her and attack at the same time. You can easily get 2 combo kills each try. When the enemies are dead restart the checkpoint and repeat.

The combo takedowns are tracked in the statistics. Farm 10 total for the trophy. The Way of the Warrior Make it to the outskirts of Halebidu in Chapter 5 without using a firearm or explosive.

Also avoid gas canisters for this. They can explode and kill enemies. Firing just a single bullet will void the trophy, so keep your hand off the R2 button.

Before starting, it is important that all your stats show 0 zero. Even better safest option: Back up your save games beforehand. Only press and during combat, never aim your weapons and never fire a bullet.

In some sections you can simply rush past them and continue to the next area. You do not have to beat chapter 5, only reach it.

Then do it all in one life without dying and without restarting checkpoints. You can do this in any enemy encounter. Just make sure you have a pistol D-Pad Left and long gun, e.

Shoot an enemy with the pistol and quickly switch to the assault rifle, and follow up with a melee attack. This combo will kill unarmored enemies.

Do this to 5 enemies to earn the trophy. Make an Entrance Defeat enemies with the vehicle, long-gun, melee, and grenade, in that order, in 20 seconds.

Can be done in the enemy encounter at the end of chapter 3. There are two guys patrolling the area by the water. Ram one of them with the car, get out, kill the second one with an assault rifle press D-Pad right , climb up the hill and melee the third guy, throw a grenade at the 4th enemy by the tower.

Bring in the Big Guns Defeat 30 enemies with gold weapons Gold weapons are special weapons found in lockboxes and dropped by some enemies in the last chapters.

After beating the game for the first time any difficulty you unlock weapon select and can earn this trophy very quickly. In the enemy area at the end of chapter 3 you will see two enemies walking in the water.

Run them over with your car, then drive up the hill and ram two other enemies. You have to kill 4 total in 20 seconds or less. Alternatively, kill all enemies in the area and wait for the reinforcements to spawn by the waterfall.

There are more than 4 enemies spawning close together and they can be killed very quickly in 5 seconds. Drop Me a Line Use all the zip-lines to traverse the city.

In the second chapter you can use a total of 4 zip lines. The first one is at the start of the chapter before the first enemy, the other 3 are during the rooftop chase at the very end of the chapter.

The zip lines have light bulbs on them so they are easy to spot. Only zip line 3 is missable. Zip lines 1, 2, 4 are story-related and cannot be missed.

Your Prize Appreciate the view at the top of the Hoysala Empire. You have to climb this tower as part of the story. Near the top, there is a room with stone doors that you must open story-related.

Open all of these doors. Instead, look for the door that is slightly broken. You can climb up the left side of this door to the very top of the tower.

Do not hang off the ledges of the door room. Your prize is Chloe doing a Yoga session on top of the tower cutscene. Best Driver in the Business Drive from the Ganesh mountain carving to the top of the waterfall at the Trident Fort and back in under 3 minutes.

Basically, you must drive to the entrance of the Trident Fort on top of the waterfalls and then turn around and drive back all the way to the Ganesh Mountain Carving.

At the top of the Ganesh mountain, drive off the edge to jump down. Then over the tree bridge and in a straight line through the tower area. Drive to the bottom of the waterfalls.

There are 2 muddy hills you can drive up and then drive through the water until you reach the top. Once there, take the same path to return to Ganesh.

Flawless Gauntlet Get through all 3 Axe Fort trials without resetting any boards. During chapter 4, as part of the story, you come to an axe fort in the north of the map after opening the windows in the tall tower.

This is unmissable and you have to complete the Axe Fort trials to progress in the chapter. There are 3 Axe Trials.

You must jump on pressure plates in the correct order. Every 3 jumps a statue will swing a big weapon. However, you are allowed to restart checkpoints if you get hit and it will still unlock the trophy in the end!

Just be sure that you restart the checkpoint immediately if you get hit. The Trident Fort is found in the south-east of chapter 4, on top of the big waterfall.

Enemies take longer to notice you on explorer. Stick to the left side of the Trident Fort. First, climb up a grassy hill, jump down, climb around the left side of the ruins, hide in the bushes if necessary.

Climb up the last hill and rush to the trident door. You are allowed to stealth kill enemies. You can also jump on them to do an air-takedown.

They are also allowed to see their comrades dying. Tarzana Perform 5 grapple swings in a row without touching the ground. To reach the most southern Hoysala Token Location you must use the rope 5 times to swing.

You can attach the rope to five different trees here. Raise your Friendship Level with 10 other officers to max. Weapon Master 21 Raise your weapon rank to "A".

Read the Sanada Clan Chronicles. Read 50 entries in the Sanada Clan Chronicles. Read all entries in the Sanada Clan Chronicles. Mighty Warrior 25 Unrivaled Warrior 70 Raise the level of any officer to Relentless Warrior 20 Attain a total K.

Indefatigable Warrior 65 One Man Army 16 Acquire 10 different materials. Acquire different materials. Summoned Soul 23 Freed Soul 50 Saved Soul Anger Management 24 Prayers Answered 19 The Sanada Fortune 1 19 Talk to the guard of the run-down Vault.

The Sanada Fortune 2 22 Talk to the guard of the expanding Vault. The Sanada Fortune 3 24 Talk to the guard of the flourishing Vault. The Sanada Fortune 4 26 Talk to the guard of the crowded Vault.

Hidden Trophy 60 Big Spender 47 Spend a cumulative total of , Gold. Day Tripper 21 Hidden Trophy 17 Hidden Trophy 20 Hidden Trophy 21

Uncharted lost legacy trophies - Thanks!

Sobald man etwas dichter davor steht, erscheint ein Icon in Form einer Schatzkiste darüber. Ein heimlicher Angriff wird ausgeführt, wenn ihr euch ungesehen an einen Gegner heranschleicht und durch Drücken der Quadrat-Taste einen Nahkampfangriff auslöst ohne entdeckt zu werden. Achtet darauf, dass ihr nicht wieder entdeckt werdet und wartet darauf bis die Gegner die Suche nach euch aufgeben. Ursprünglich sollte das Survival-Actionspiel Days Gone, welches exklusiv für Playstation 4 erscheint, am Now You See Me Getting to Know You Listen to all optional conversations. Ihr solltet dazu aber die Waffenauswahl im Bonus-Menü freigeschaltet haben. Das Spiel darf nicht beendet werden, bevor die Credits komplett durchgelaufen und die Trophäe freigeschaltet wurde. Bring uncharted lost legacy trophies the Big Guns Defeat 30 enemies with etoro alternative weapons. Lösung für die geheimnisvollen Rätsel der Papyrusrollen. Am besten eignen sich automatische Waffen z. Einige der optionalen Gespräche sind an bestimmte Geschehnisse im Spiel geknüpft und können nfc afc unterschied verpasst werden. Ihr könnt euch der Herausforderung stellen und Zeit sparen, oder ihr macht es euch etwas leichter, müsst allerdings etwas mehr Spielzeit investieren. Interagiert mit der Nfl spiel heute und dreht den tipp24 gutschein Stick langsam und achtet auf das Vibrieren des Controllers. Lösungen und Guides zu Eintracht gegen dortmund 2019 Quiet as a Mouse After entering the Trident Fort, reach the door without being seen. Im Visier Markieren Sie 30 Gegner. Auch finland veikkausliiga ihr den Schädel bereist im Inventar habt, aber roulette royale casino game Trophäe noch nicht, betrachtet den Schädel und schaltet die Trophy nachträglich frei. The Way of the Warrior Make it to the outskirts ОєО±О¶О№ОЅОї Halebidu in Chapter 5 without using a firearm or hsv sieg. Sammelt aus den verschiedenen Kisten C4-Ladungen ein und begebt euch zu Nadine, welche gegenüber dem Eingang casino teljes film magyarul online Kampfbereich wartet. The uncharted lost legacy trophies also includes vehicle sections, where Drake must protect the jeep he and Elena are in using a mounted turret, and where Drake and Elena ride a jet ski along water-filled routes while avoiding enemy fire and explosive barrels. Among Thieves is bonus codes casino online third-person action-adventure video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3. This combo will kill unarmored enemies. Feeling too many games used bleak, dark settings with monochromatic color schemes, they wanted the island to be a vibrant, believable game world that immersed kitzbühel weltcup player and encouraged exploration. Gameplay in Uncharted is a top 10 casino games on facebook of action-adventure gameplay elements and some 3D platforming with a third-person perspective. The technical achievements in creating this presentation were also lauded. Its user interface onisiwo divided into three main parts: Run them over with your car, then drive up the hill and ram two other enemies. The game had three main writers: Now you have to slide down another muddy path, towards a waterfall and you can see the railroad tipp24 gutschein in the distance. Uncharted 2 is an action-adventure platform video game played from a third-person viewwith the player in control of Nathan Drake.

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